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Cool English: A Vast Array of Free Resources              

Whether you're a teacher or a student, Cool English has all you need to enhance your abilities and take your English skills to the next level. Featuring special selections of EFL/ESL/ESP* resources which cover topics such as methodology, lessons, class planning, tests, exams, news, articles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, reviews, tasks, activities, grammar, exercises, language skills, reading, writing, listening, speaking, songs, lyrics, fun, humor, jokes, cartoons, games, videos, podcasts &  much more. With daily updates. All free. Enjoy! 

*EFL English as a Foreign Language | ESL English as a Second Language | ESP English for Specific Purposes.

Cool English: The Hot Spot for Teaching & Learning English 

This is a site for improving teaching & learning skills. Ongoing investment in language research is the cause of the constant attempts to make this space robust, but also light and entertaining. Here you'll learn English, get informed and have fun as well! 

The dictionary definition says that hot spot can be a place of  political  unrest; a point of relatively intense heat or radiation; a place where there is a lot of activity or entertainment; it can also be a place in a hotel, restaurant, station, etc. that is fitted with a special device that enables you to connect a computer to the Internet without using wires; in addition,  it is an area on a computer screen that you can click on to start an operation such as loading a file.

Among such characteristics it is essential that Cool English be a synthesis of heat, movement and activity on the web, a lively entertainment spot in the form of a filter -- a starting point --  that neatly leads teachers and learners  of English as a foreign language (EFL) to reflections upon ongoing researches in the field of Applied Linguistics.

In effect, Cool English was originally designed for presenting the user with good, especially selected webpages, their contents and services. A variety of web clippings with interesting topics appearing in the forms of news, articles and reviews will constantly be posted. Occasionally, I may also be pasting tasks and activities that would perfectly suit  tags such as tests, exams, grammar notes, exercises, lyrics, humor, videos, podcasts etc. Moreover, contributions from the users will always be welcomed -- either being the case of personal original production or other ideas coming from elsewhere. 

Thus this site will only be an opening path for such contents. There are several good sites that do produce a nice amount of of good resources (click on Cool Links  on the Navigator and switch to some of them).  Cool English hasn't a notion of producing resources in the first place. But rather, it is the intention to convey a great deal of important introductory selections in order to easily conduct the fellow visitor to the precise information spread all over the web.

The internet is a vast source of information, especially in the area of English language teaching and learning. However, finding information on the web may be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. If you sometimes feel like looking for the the proverbial needle in a haystack, you'll find out that Cool English is a useful tool, carefully designed to lead you straight to the point. You’ll discover how rewarding it is to make use of a handy, practical website in our busy everyday life! Once you’re done grasping a wide and rich range of free materials, all you need to do is drop by. Always. Without getting sidetracked in cyberpace!

Nilo Ferreira da Rocha 


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